Great Day To Be An Athlete

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Muggle = NARP = Non-Athlete

When I show up for early morning practice

 photo hangover_zps3e8db821.gif

When our team has open gym on the weekend

 photo getdrunk_zps16184b8d.gif

When my best friend & I get put on the same team

 photo superhighfive_zpscd2b7186.gif

When I’m trying to waste time in study hall

 photo lifesizetyrabankstyping_zpsbb00e17b.gif

When I’m running with my tall teammate

 photo rightbehindyou_zps60264726.gif

When my teammates are making fun of me

 photo thatisnotfunny_zps33466914.gif

When people ask if I am good at other sports


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